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Eternal Conflict Update

Rogue Partner Griffin256 has provided us with a video going over the patch changes.

The patch notes an be found below the video.

Welcome Rogues to the first patch of 2023, a long overdue update that brings about a ton of changes that will fuel the Eternal Conflict between rogues for this year! In this patch we have a healthy amount of fixed issues, a wide range of Pre-Season Balance changes, new(ish) queues, some QoL and an Event Pass!


The forces of Good and Evil duke it out in the 35 level event pass! Filled with cosmetics both infernal and angelic alike, kicking off Demon Days Dima and arriving to an apocalyptic conclusion with Archangel Juke! Additionally, there are 5 prestige levels that introduce this year’s exclusive skins packaged with the Event Pass Supply Drop.


  • Demon Days Dima Legendary Outfit
  • Rainy Daze Epic Rocket Pack
  • 1 Hour Account Boost
  • 20% Event Pass Experience Boost


  • +30 Event Pass Levels
  • Demon Days Dima Legendary Outfit
  • Rainy Daze Epic Rocket Pack
  • 1 Hour Account Boost
  • 20% Event Pass Experience Boost


  • General Rewards
    • 1000 Reputation
    • 700 Rogue Bucks
    • 2x 1 Hour Account Boost
    • 1x 45 Minute Account Boost
  • Cosmetics
    • Demon Days Dima Legendary Outfit
    • Rainy Daze Epic Rocket Pack
    • Hairball Rare Spray
    • Downpour Epic Wrap for Primary, Secondary and Melee
    • Gate To Paradise Rare Border
    • Dumpster Fire 2.0 Rare Spray
    • Lil’ Devil Epic Title
    • Flower Offering Rare Emote
    • Kiss It Rare Emote
    • Wicked Glimpse Rare Outfit
    • Winged Warrior Legendary Banner
    • Sinners and Saints Legendary Animated Avatar
    • Lil’ Angel Legendary Title
    • Archangel Juke Legendary Outfit
    • Raisin’ Hell Legendary Title
    • 4x Reward Supply Drops
    • 4x Event Pass Supply Drops


Welcome to the Pre-Season of 2023! What does that mean exactly? Well, we have a lot of work to do for the new direction of our balancing and identity of our rogues. This comes with big reinvigorating changes(holistic/targeted and buffs/nerfs) that we want to frontload the year with and we want players to have some time to breathe and adapt to them before we open the doors to this year’s Ranked Season in 3.2(which will see some changes, stay tuned). We are looking forward to hearing your feedback and we’ll see you out in the field!

Additionally Glacier has been added to Ranked Strikeout! Enjoy!



In this update, we are introducing a Wingman Quickplay queue that we will rotate with the current Quickplay each week. We intend on introducing more and better Quickplay queues to give our players a better variety of game modes each update. So for now, get a duo buddy and get out there!


Sabotage is being brought back into the workshop so it can get a proper fix on some issues and solve some design complications in it’s state of play. It’ll take a bit so hang in there for its return!

For the time being the following Game Modes have been added to Customs:



What was your favorite seasonal music track of Rogue Company? Was it Season 3? 4? Well, in this update you can enjoy them all! In our initial pass, the lobby music will rotate each time you login, we hope you enjoy the music. In later updates we’ll look to potentially give you more control over this!


Thanks to the combined efforts of the community and our Audio team, we have cleaned up the audio on Icarus and Vice! Let us know if you experience any audio issues on those or any other maps! Recordings or screenshots of the locations helps us best!



  • Speed and Toughness
    When we introduced speed and toughness, our intention was to create variance between rogues in active combat. In hindsight, we didn’t do enough to properly support this as it became an esoteric stat that made combat interactions difficult to maintain mentally. Additionally, with the existence of other perks that affect those same stats, it created another layer of complexity that further confused and frustrated our players. There was also some functional complications with how they functioned. As such we currently feel we can accomplish stronger rogue identity through other solutions(which you will see below). Therefore:
    • Speed and Toughness has been removed from all Rogues.
  • Base Regeneration has been adjusted
    In the current setting it is difficult to work around the base regen for balance purposes. For now, we are wanting to experiment with reducing the out-of-combat activation time in order to reign in the effectiveness of Bounce Back and also have more risk/reward in evasive duels and pushes. We intend to keep a very close eye on how these changes shake out in the bigger, longer term picture.
    • Regeneration Activation time increased from 5s -> 6s
  • Anvil
    Anvil’s identity is to be a fortress. To be able to lock down an area, hold it and endure punishment. Currently in Live, he was more of an unstoppable offensive juggernaut that can chain multikills and sustain his offensive output with Berserker, Replenish and Lifedrain. This goes against his identity, therefore we are making the following adjustments:
  • Dima
    You’d think our explosives expert/madman would know how to handle himself around explosives! Destroying things is his forte after all. A small adjustment for now but will revisit him in a later update.
  • Gl1tch
    Gl1tch has strong global presence with their ability and, with it, they should have the identity of a tricky disabler, relying on pinging enemies and disabling their devices/abilities. We are shuffling up their loadout to reflect this identity.
  • Juke
    Our inventor scientist is getting an identity adjustment in her perk loadout to better encapsulate her strengthening whatever equipment she takes to the field. Additionally, her dash is getting an adjustment on her recharge rate, distance and speed as she is proven difficult to track and dashing too often(making her hard to deal with). Also, in theory, this could potentially address some of the hitbox issues.
  • Lancer
    With the removal of the Speed trait, our nimble freerunning glass cannon needs to have a perk loadout emphasizing speed. We are excited to see how a Legendary Evade(20% move speed!) will benefit her mobility in combat. For her ability we are slightly buffing the movement speed on her ability. We may increase it later. Lastly and most notably, her passive is getting some additional rules so that it only works with weapons that are defined as “mag-fed.” Her default weapons are counted in this, but look to the weapon descriptions to learn which others she’ll be able to use her passive with.
  • Ronin
    The underground street racer should get another mobility option in her kit. Additionally we are adjusting the range on her Ballistic Knife. She’ll get a formal pass at a later date.
  • Rare Tenacity Replaced with Rare Evade
  • Ballistic Knife
    • Direct Hit Blast Radius Reduced from 3m -> 2m
    • Direct Hit Minimum Damage Increased from 70 -> 90
    • Blast Radius When Planted Reduced from 3.5m -> 3m
  • Saint
    We are going to dial in on Saint’s identity as the true combat medic of not only being able to revive players from a distance but also the ability to locally heal his team. This also gives us the ability to have a fully support-oriented character.
  • Fixer
    Fixer’s headshot lethality is beyond the point of overkill between his Ability, Passive and Legendary Crackshot. We are replacing that with one that fits his cold and efficient style for now. We will revisit him in the future.


Outside of some general adjustments, there are some perks that currently are undercosted to the point of not impacting player choice in the economy. Additionally, due to the removal of Speed and Toughness, we are adjusting the cost of related perks. Essentially, the shop economy is going to experience some inflation. We’ll keep a close eye on this and are looking forward to your feedback.

  • Armor
    This is in reaction to the global loss of Toughness and the increased effectiveness of Shredder Rounds.
    • Rare Armor Cost Reduced from $8000 -> $7500
    • Epic Armor Cost Reduced from $12000 -> $10000
    • Legendary Armor Cost Reduced from $16000 -> $14000
  • Bounce Back
    It appears that the Bounce Back family had an unlisted extra benefit of increasing the player’s Heal Per Second by a significant amount(a 30% buff). Bounce Back is potent enough as is with reducing the Regen Delay Time, so we will remove this and see how it goes.
    • The Additional HPS has been removed from all tiers of Bounce Back
  • Berserker
    Being able to reload while sprinting is incredibly valuable! Let’s reflect that value properly.
    • Rare Berserker Cost Increased from $3000 -> $5000
  • Evade
    Upped in value due to the removal of Speed on Rogues. We may adjust these later.
    • Rare Evade Cost Increased from $1500 -> $4500
    • Epic Evade Cost Increased from $3000 -> $6000
    • Legendary Evade Cost Increase from $5000 -> $9500
  • Gunsmith
    Getting a downward adjustment on this perk’s potency. Increasing Mag Size AND Fall Off Ranges is very impactful to a weapon’s performance.
    • Each tier of Gunsmith have its benefits reduced by 10%, now 10%/20%/30%
  • Life Drain
    Slight adjustment to heal a full block of HP to give the rare a bit more value on its cost.
    • Rare Life Drain heal amount increased from 20 -> 25
  • Nimble Hands
    Nimble Hands is rather slept on for something cheaper than similar weapon upgrades that can cost $5k, so it’s getting a bump.
  • Rare Nimble Hands Cost Increased from $1500 -> $3500
  • Epic Nimble Hands Cost Increased from $2500 -> $4500
  • Legendary Nimble Hands Cost Increased from $4000 -> $7000
  • Padded Steps
    • Cost Reduced from $10000 -> $9000
  • Quick Hands
    Similar ruling as Nimble Hands.
  • Stalker
    • Rare Stalker Cost Increased from $2000 -> $4000
    • Epic Stalker Cost Increased from $4000 -> $6000
    • Legendary Stalker Cost Increased from $6500 -> $8000



Pistols are in an interesting place, a few of them are capable of being run as a budget primary(Maybe a bit too well too cheaply, but we’ll save that for a future update). We are taking a look at a couple that are standing out a bit too effectively or are too weak identity-wise.

  • Executioner
    We will push the Executioner to be slightly more punchier with a minor tradeoff in the “near perfect” accuracy and mag size that it currently has so that it can better encapsulate being our heavy pistol.
    • Headshot Damage Increased from 42 -> 45
    • Bodyshot Damage Increase from 30 -> 32
    • Base ADS Accuracy Reduced from 0.1 -> 0.07
    • Base Mag Size Reduced from 12 -> 8
    • Lv1 Upgrade Increases Mag Size from 8 ->12
    • Total Ammo Rebalanced to fit our 5 Mag rule(40/60)
  • Spitfire
    Getting a range and damage falloff adjustment to experiment a different SMG community-requested direction on this SMG. Why the spitfire? It’s actually a high performing SMG that some people run instead of the normal SMGs. Statwise it was very similar to the original LMPX and HRM24s, just with a smaller mag size and falloff ranges. Give it a spin and let us know what you think.
    • Fall Off Ranges Reduced from 9m/18m -> 7m/14m
    • Fall Off Damage At Second Threshold Reduced from 55% -> 25%
    • L1 Upgrade loses Range Upgrade in Exchange for Reducing Reload Time from 1.6 -> 1.2
    • Crouch and Jump Accuracy Mods Have Been Removed
  • Warrant
    This pistol should be our reliable generalist sidearm that should be a decent introduction into the weapon type. We are adjusting its over performing damage output to bring it into that range.
    • Headshot Damage Reduced from 32 -> 28
    • Bodyshot Damage Reduced from 22 -> 20
    • Base ADS Accuracy Reduced from 0.1 -> 0.09


  • HRM-30KS
    The HRM-30KS has edged out the be a general powerhouse with near perfect accuracy, negligible bloom and incredibly high headshot damage that wasn’t properly offset by fire rate, ammo or recoil. As such we are taking this opportunity to apply the identity that we are wanting Assault Rifles to have. This would involve bringing down their close range effectiveness via recoil/kick and slightly impacting the overall mobility of the weapon class so that it doesn’t trample over the effectiveness of our SMGs. Essentially some of these changes are reverting a buff or two and introducing some identity adjustments.
    • Headshot Damage Reduced from 42 -> 38
    • Reduced Fire Rate from 6.33 -> 5.88
    • Accuracy Changes
    • Hipfire Accuracy Reduced from 0.885 -> 0.86
    • ADS Accuracy Mod Increased from 0.115 -> 0.13
    • Move Acc Penalty Introduced from 0 -> 0.02
    • Accuracy Loss Per Shot Increased 0.0175 -> 0.019
    • Max Accuracy Loss Increased from 0.048 -> 0.06
    • Base Recoil increased
    • Lv2 Mag Size Upgrade reduced from 30 -> 25
    • Lv3 Recoil Upgrade Adjusted to still be an improvement from the Base recoil
  • Sahara
    • Fixed inconsistent fire rates across levels. All levels now appropriately have a Fire Rate of 7.04


In this update we are bringing the rest of the SMGs into the fold of the core identity, these changes will reflect that, along with other adjustments for individual SMGs to stand them out better from each other. Additionally, after further testing and community-feedback we are making slight adjustments to our identity criteria for SMGs to put them in a more comfortable place. This involved not so aggressively impacting bloom. We will continue to test and iterate these changes, and continue to give us feedback. Some of these now have very interesting identities and playstyles so experiment and have fun!

  • Global Changes
    • All SMGs received updated descriptions to better match their unique identities.
    • All SMGs received a 3rd Damage Fall Off Threshold with Damage Fall offs with damage reduced down to 30-45%.
  • D40C
    A High-capacity mag-fed SMG that is a jack of all trades, master of none.
    • Hipfire Accuracy Increased
    • Bloom recovery speed Increased
    • Max Accuracy Loss Reduced from 0.065 -> 0.06
    • Damage Fall Off First Threshold Increased 0.82 -> 0.9
  • LMP-X
    A mag-fed controllable SMG with a built-in suppressor. This one is to be our SMGAR hybrid(the Nightshade will inversely be our ARSMG).
    • Base Hipfire Accuracy Slightly Increased
    • ADS Accuracy Mod Increased
  • Knight
    A mag-fed apex headhunter SMG.
    • Base Hipfire Accuracy Increased
      Tightening up the Base Accuracy to help strengthen the upper centermass focus.
    • Base ADS Accuracy Increased
      Same with ADSing for better precision and first shot hits for more consistent headshots within intended ranges.
    • Accuracy Loss Per Shot reduced from 0.015 -> 0.01
    • Max Accuracy Loss adjusted from 0.045 -> 0.07
  • SL-C
    A mag-fed reliable, stable, fast-firing close/close-mid range SMG.
    • Headshot Damage Reduced from 18 -> 17
    • Damage Fall Off for First Threshold Increased from 0.75 -> 0.9
    • Damage Ranges have been reduced from 12.5m/21.5m -> 7.5m/16m
    • Base Accuracy Jump Penalty Reduced from -0.09 -> -0.04
    • Crouching Accuracy Mod has been removed
    • Base Hipfire Accuracy Reduced 0.915 -> 0.89
    • Base ADS Accuracy Mod Reduced 0.07 -> 0.04
  • HRM24s
    A mag-fed lightweight SMG, favored by the most agile.
    • Headshot Damage Reduced from 21 -> 20
    • Damage Fall Off for First Threshold Increased from 0.75 -> 0.85
    • Damage Ranges have been reduced from 12m/23m -> 8.5m/16m
    • Base Accuracy Jump Penalty Reduced from -0.09 -> -0.02
    • Crouching Accuracy Mod has been removed
    • Base Hipfire Accuracy Reduced from 0.92 -> 0.9
    • Base ADS Accuracy Mod Reduced from 0.07 -> 0.04
    • Lv3 Magazine Upgrade Reduced from 40 -> 36
  • Objection
    The hornet’s nest of an SMG, pure hipfire.
    We are slightly averaging out the damage and buffing the first threshold of the falloff for the Objection as we want to attempt to make this a danger-close(under 10m) pure hipfire SMG that can utterly shred, one that runs polar opposite of the LMP-X and the Ibex.
    • Headshot Damage Reduced from 16 -> 14
    • Bodyshot Damage Increased from 11 -> 13
    • Base Magazine Size Reduced from 40 -> 30
    • Adjusted Ammo Reserve from 4(160) Mags -> 5(150) Mags
    • Damage Fall Off for First Threshold Increased from 0.75 -> 0.9
    • Damage Ranges have been adjusted from 9m/20m -> 10m/15m
    • Base Hipfire Accuracy Reduced from 0.94 -> 0.9
    • Crouch/ADS Accuracy Mod has been removed
    • Base Reload Time Reduced from 1.35 -> 1.25
  • Ibex
    A mag-fed surgical burst-fire SMG. The mamba of SMGs.
    Burst weapons interact with our system differently as each bullet influences accuracy and burstfire which tend to spike bloom and recoil. This SMG will have much faster bloom recovery than the others and a reduced recoil to compensate. Additionally, we are lowering the number of bullets fired per burst but slightly increasing the damage to offset the loss. This’ll be the most precise SMG so we are keeping a close eye on it for balance in a future patch.
    • Headshot Damage Per Bullet Increased from 13 -> 15
    • Bodyshot Damage Per Bullet Increased from 10 -> 12
    • Reduced Burst from 5 -> 4
    • Reduced Fire Rate from 4.17 -> 3.7
    • Base Mag Size Reduced from 30 -> 28
    • Base Accuracy Increased from 0.915 -> 0.91
    • Crouch Accuracy Mod has been removed
    • Base ADS Accuracy Mod Reduced from 0.1 -> 0.05
    • Jump Accuracy Mod Reduced from -0.09 -> -0.05
    • Max Accuracy Loss Increased from 0.04 -> 0.09
    • Accuracy Return Rate greatly increased
    • Recoil Reduced


  • APS
    • Increased Base Health from 20 -> 40
    • Level 1 Upgrade now appropriately intercepts an additional projectile
    • Level 1 and 2 Upgrade now has Health Increased from 35 -> 60



  • All Gadget Prices have been normalized to $5000 with $2000 upgrade.


  • Potential fix implemented for when players are unable to shoot or use abilities for an entire match
  • Fixed an issue in Battle Zone where players could refund more expensive gadgets for additional cash.
  • Fixed an issue where Juke’s turret was dealing damage to friendly players
  • Fixed a description on a daily contract for Juke which stated to deal 5 damage with her turret (it should be 250)
  • Fixed an issue where the Katana’s fourth Milestone was not showing in game
  • Fixed an issue where Ranked Rewards were not unlocking immediately after completing the requirements
  • Fixed an issue with the Conviction LMG third Milestone unlocking
  • Juke‘s turret can now be destroyed by Gadgets and Abilities as intended
  • Updated the Future Tech Dallas icon to look more like the actual skin
  • Daily Contracts should now be using the correct icons
  • Fixed a Contract Description which said Get (0) Assists (it should be 50)
  • Fixed an issue with the Gone Rogue award that was indicating the wrong season
  • Fixed an area on Favelas where players could go out of bounds
  • Fixed collision that would prevent players from standing up near walls/cover a selection of maps
  • Fixed an issue where Evade would only trigger once per life
  • Fixed bad lighting on a few maps
  • Fixed an issue where Talon could grab the Demolition Bomb through walls
  • Fixed an issue where Cannon where his Minigun could shoot through cover while crouched


  • Archangel Juke’s wings fail to animate during consecutive dashes
  • Incorrect Description on Wicked Glimpse Outfit
  • Incorrect Name on the Grime Reactive Melee Wrap
  • If the Regeneration Field gadget is destroyed early, the visual effects will still persist for the full duration
  • When purchasing Event Pass tiers the incorrect level and reward may be shown. This is a visual bug and the correct tier and item will be available by existing the Event Pass.

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