Eternal Conflict Mid-Patch Notes


  • Health Regeneration
    A combination of Bounce back being adjusted and the speed of the game being impacted by the initial change, we are opting to revert the regen delay back to 5s. 
    • Health Regeneration Delay Reverted Back to 5s


  • Cannon
    Our team has worked to define our four roles, their rules and intended playstyles recently(there will be more info on this soon) and we felt that, at his core, Cannon is honestly a Breacher. This is defined by the tools at his disposal and the kind of playstyle it rewards. He is a forward moving juggernaut that is meant to force engagements with multiple enemies and pressure defensible points. Therefore, he is formally defined as a Breacher going forward. Additionally we are changing how his Gatling Gun functions so that it’s primary function is to move forward and annihilate the enemy(within balanced reasons of course). 
    • Role Changed From Defender to Breacher
    • Gatling Gun Ability
      • Headshot Damage Reduced from 18 -> 16
      • Bodyshot Damage Reduced from 15 -> 14
      • No longer able to go prone or mount while using the Gatling Gun
      • Movement speed while using Gatling Gun has been reduced by 15%


  • Vy
    Vy is a wonderful defender who is meant to control spaces with her zoning tools. However, her ability is a bit too oppressive and easily used offensively which can make enemies feel overwhelmed and literally drowning in AoEs! We are making some adjustments to her ability and also changing a few items in her loadout to reward a more defensive and controlling playstyle.


  • Dahlia
    Dahlia is meant to be our in-the-fight combat support specialist that can fight and help her team. As such we are giving her fast tools that allow her to lead her team to victory.



  • Bounce Back
    A minor price bump to a potent perk for now.
    • Legendary Bounce Back Cost Increased from $13,000 -> $14,000


  • Lifeline
    Lifeline was a marginally more expensive perk that was also substantially better than helping hands since it has a dual function. We are tuning down the revive speed to validate Helping Hands a bit more. Additionally we discovered some issues with Epic and Legendary Lifeline that we’ve addressed. We may visit Helping Hands later to give it a buff later.
    • Rare Lifeline Revive Speed Reduction has been Reduced from 20% → 15%
    • Epic Lifeline Revive Speed Reduction has been Reduced from 40% → 30%
      • NOTE – “But the description already said 30%!” Actually it was being reduced BY 40%, we fixed it to work as intended.
    • Legendary Lifeline Revive Speed Reduced from 60% → 50%
      •  NOTE – “But the description said 40%!”  So, we discovered this perk was ACTUALLY reducing the revive time TO 40% instead of BY 40%. Flubbing of the math that has been cleaned up.



  • Executioner
    Returning some of the accuracy to the heavy pistol so that players can land more shots at range.
    • Base Accuracy Increased
  • Spitfire
    While still popular in both use rate and win rate, the Spitfire is getting some improvements to its range and damage fall offs, getting a third threshold to have a better gradient on the ranges. 
    • Damage Falloff Thresholds Increased from 7/14m -> 9/17/20m
    • Damage Falloff Adjusted to 80%/55%/30%


While they have dropped a bit in use rate and their win rates still above 50%, the SMGs are getting a global bump and some targeted adjustments to put them in our intended placements for them. This will involve increasing the overall accuracy, improving bloom and pushing out falloff thresholds to be more reasonable. We will continue to watch player sentiment and the data. 

  • D40C
    • Base Accuracy Increased
    • Accuracy Loss Per Shot Decreased
    • Max Accuracy Loss Decreased
    • Damage Falloff Thresholds Increased from 8/17/21.5m -> 10/19/25m
  • SL-C
    • Base Accuracy Increased
    • ADS Accuracy Increased
    • Damage Falloff Thresholds Increased from 7.5/16/20.5 -> 9/18/23m
  • HRM24s
    • Base Accuracy Increased
    • Accuracy Loss Per Shot Decreased
    • Max Accuracy Loss Decreased
    • Damage Falloff Thresholds Increased from 8.5/16/19.75m -> 10.5/18.5/24m
  • LMPX
    • Base Accuracy Increased
    • Accuracy Loss Per Shot Decreased
    • Accuracy Return Delay Decreased(This is a buff)
    • Damage Falloff Thresholds Increased from 9/19/24m -> 12/22/28
  • Objection
    • Body Damage Reduced from 13 -> 12
    • Base Accuracy Increased
    • Fixed ADS Accuracy issue where it appeared as if the weapon accuracy worsened while in ADS
    • Accuracy Loss Per Shot Decreased
    • Damage Falloff Thresholds Increased from 10/15/17.5m -> 10/17/21.5m
  • Knight
    • Base Accuracy Increased
    • Accuracy Loss Per Shot Decreased
    • Max Accuracy Loss Decreased
    • Accuracy Return Delay Decreased
  • Ibex
    • ADS Accuracy Increased

Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles globally are going to have their accuracy tuned to favor ADS more than hipfire. This is to fit more to their identity of being larger weapons and to give a better space for SMGs to have their strengths in close quarters engagements. Keep in mind the net accuracy (Base+ADS) is the same, hipfiring was nerfed but ADS was buffed.

  • HRM30k
    We are pulling back on some of the adjustments to the HRM30k from the prior update.
    • Movement Accuracy Penalty Reduced from 0.02 → 0.005
    • Mag Upgrade Amount Increased from 25 → 30
  • Hydra
    The Hydra is running very strong the ecosystem, coupled with an overly-generous mag size, high damage and a moderate fire rate, it’s currently over-represented and its win rate is trending beyond acceptable thresholds. Therefore, in addition to the identity adjustments, we are bringing down the fire rate and upgraded mag size.
    • Hipfire Accuracy Reduced
    • ADS Accuracy Increased
    • Movement Accuracy Penalty Added: 0.01
    • Accuracy Loss Per Shot Decreased
    • Max Accuracy Loss Increased
    • Accuracy Return Rate Decreased
    • Fire Rate Reduced from 5.50 →  5.00
    • Upgraded Mag Size Reduced from 40 →  30
  • KA30
    • Hipfire Accuracy Reduced
    • ADS Accuracy Increased
  • MLX M4
    • Hipfire Accuracy Reduced
    • ADS Accuracy Increased
  • Nightshade
    As our hybrid between an AR and SMG, similar to how the LMPX is more AR-like, the Nightshade is gaining some of the traits of SMGs(increased mobility, better closer range damage, a third falloff threshold).
    • ADS Accuracy Decreased
    • Jump Accuracy Penalty Reduced from -0.09 -> -0.07
    • First Damage Falloff Buffed from 75% -> 85%
    • Damage Falloff Ranges Adjusted from  13/26m -> 13/23/31m
  • Riptide
    • Hipfire Accuracy Reduced
    • ADS Accuracy Increased
  • Sahara
    • Hipfire Accuracy Slightly Buffed
    • ADS Accuracy Slightly Reduced


These two shotguns should round us out on the initial core pass. These are more focused on balancing around the removal of Toughness as they had initially received damage buffs when that system existed. We’ll continue to watch shotguns in general as they have a really low use-rate but a moderate win rate.

  • SKL6
    • Headshot Damage Reduced from 110 -> 100
    • Bodyshot Damage Reduced from 75 -> 70
    • Fire Rate Reduced from 2 -> 1.82
  • Striker 8×10
    • Bodyshot Damage Reduced from 52 -> 48
    • Third Falloff Range Reduced from 25m -> 20m


Known Issues

  • Rare and Legendary Lifeline have the wrong values displayed but they are reducing revive time by the listed amounts in this patch notes.

Fixed Issues

  • Improved load time when clicking the Contracts button on the main menu to minimize a temporary freeze
  • Fixed UI text which stated 12 Rogues are required to be owned to participate in Ranked

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