Three Wishes PTS Notes

To test on Steam please head to the Rogue Company Store Page to install the PTS client.

Testing Schedule:

Note: The PTS server may be brought down as needed to address issues or provide additional updates.

Testing Goals:

While testing our PTS version of the next update, please provide us feedback in either our official Discord in the PTS-Feedback channel or via the Rogue Company subreddit. We want to know how your experience is with the new content and about any bugs you may have experienced while playing.

During our testing period, we’re looking for extensive feedback on a few key areas while you are playing which include:

  • New Event Pass
  • High Castle Omega Map
  • Balance Changes


In this Update we are introducing a new version of Highcastle called Highcastle Omega! This map boasts not only an amazing visual update but also new combat spaces and routes. You’ll find this map in the following Queues:

  • Limited Time Only! Highcastle Omega Variety Queue
  • Quickplay
  • Normal Strikeout & Demolition
  • Custom Strikeout & Demolition
  • Practice Strikeout & Demolition
  • Ranked Strikeout & Demolition
  • 6v6 TDM
  • 4v4 KOTH

“But First Watch, what about Old Highcastle?!” Worry not! We felt that the gameplay differences between the two maps are significant enough to warrant them both being in the map pool! We look forward to playing this new map with you all and excited to hear what you think!



In this update, players will see the return of a gameplay role: Intel. This role specializes helping their team to gain information on enemy positions to turn engagements in their favor. They sit in the middle of the spectrum between support and duelist, gathering intel while also being able to hold their own as they put themselves at risk for their team. We’ve done this as it opens up a creative avenue for how we approach a collective of rogues that have similar toolsets and opens the door for new intel ideas for the future! You’ll see a good number of rogues that used to have this role step back into it and some of the newer rogues assume it as well. Some of these Rogues require little-to-no changes as they’re already well-equipped for the task.


  • Dallas
  • Glimpse
  • Phantom
  • Seeker
  • Talon



  • Perk Loadout Updated to better reflect the Defender/Breacher Hybrid
    • Rare Berserker
    • Rare Blaster
    • Rare Armor -> Nimble Hands
    • Epic Stalker -> Epic Bulletproof
    • Epic Gunsmith
    • Epic Bounce Back
    • Legendary Crackshot -> Legendary Stalker
    • Legendary Refill -> Legendary Tenacity
  • Standard Issue
    • Repair change reverted back to 25 Armor on Down


  • Hack
    • Hack Activation Time Reduced From  2s -> 1.5s
    • Hack Duration Increased From 5s -> 6s


  • Gatling Gun
    • Move speed reduction removed
    • Headshot damage increased from 16 -> 18


  • Is Now an Intel Rogue
  • Loadout Changes
    • Riptide Replaced with HRM30k
    • Adrenaline Shot Replaced with EMP Grenade
  • Target Finder + Recharge QoL
    • Recharge now appropriately refreshes Target Finder while the ability is still active. Remember: you can only have one reveal out at a time!


  • Is Now an Intel Rogue
  • Perk Loadout Adjusted
    • Rare Hunter Replaced with Rare Tracker Rounds
    • Rare Shredder Rounds
    • Rare Armor
    • Epic Nimble Hands Replaced with Epic Crackshot
    • Epic Padded Steps
    • Epic Life Drain Replaced with Epic Tenacity
    • Legendary Tenacity Replaced with Legendary Life Drain
    • Legendary Crackshot Replaced with Legendary Nimble Hands
  • Mag Gloves
    • Retrieve Time Reduced from 0.5s -> 0.25s



LMGs are getting an identity adjustment, these weapons are heavy and powerful weapons that take considerable effort and technique to wield. For their identity we are exploring the idea of all LMGs possessing the accuracy behavior that the Conviction has paved the way for and will balance LMGs, both current and future, in this unique accuracy type. Additionally, we are considering that the huge firepower of this weapons also come at a slight mobility cost when compared to their smaller caliber/capacity siblings. Let us know what you think!

  • MLX Maw
    The Maw is currently overperforming and will receive additional adjustments overtime to bring it down to manageable levels. Between the Identity adjustment and the removal of an upgrade piece, we’ll observe and make adjustments as data comes in. 


    • Base Weapon Headshot reduced from 24 -> 22
    • Removed ADS Movespeed upgrade from Rare/Epic/Legendary
    • -5% Movement Speed Reduction added
    • Accuracy/Bloom Behavior changed to fit LMG Identity
  • Conviction
    • -5% Movement Speed Reduction added


  • Objection
    • Lv1 Upgrade Now Increases Magazine Size to 40
  • D40c
    • Fixed the Lvl2 Upgrade’s reload speed


  • EMP
    • Damage to deployables increased from 300 -> 600


  • Nimble Hands
    • Rare Nimble Hands Reload and Swap Speed Improved from 10% -> 20%
  • Quick Hands
    • Price Increased from $7,500 -> $9,000


  • Demolition
    We intend on cleaning up the interaction rules around the bomb as we know the current set has some exploitative use-cases. This initial change will put us one step closer.


    • Interaction distance to defuse the bomb has been reduced from 2.8m -> 1m

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