3.5 Bounce House Update

Greetings Rogues!

Today, we’re releasing the Bounce House update to add some silly fun to the weekends while bringing up some Rogues’ balance & fine-tuning weapons. As previously shared, we’ve extended some content like the Ranked Season & Event Pass out till later this year, when we plan to do a larger update. This will include a new Event Pass, additional balance adjustments, and the refresh of a map missing in action. We’re excited to share more as we get closer to that update! Until then, let’s bounce into the current changes:

New LTM: Bounce House

This weekend-only mode features Rogue Company in a more arcade-y less punishing light. Players take significantly less damage from all sources. Rogues are equipped with impact grenades that knock back enemies on an ultra-short cooldown and a baseball bat that will yeet your opponents off the map. This map features King of the Hill on Rooftops. Unique abilities and other weapons are disabled in this game mode. For the launch of the update, Bounce House will be live during the initial week! Good luck staying on the point!

Balance Changes



  • Ability Cooldown: 45s ➡️ 35s
  • Epic Padded Steps ➡️ Epic Crackshot
  • Cluster Smoke: 60s ➡️ 20s Cooldown

Fixer has been struggling with win-rate for an extended period of time. When he’s not used as a direct counter to high-armor foes, his kit struggles to keep up. These changes are directed at increasing his general utility in matchups against a broad set of rogues. The dramatic change to his smoke grenade cooldown should give him a much stronger ability as a Defender to hold down lanes and stall pushes, and give him a higher chance at being able to achieve his full kit synergy in single-life game modes.


  • Passive: 20% increased movement speed while crouching ➡️ Global 10% movement speed increase

    • Sigrid’s identity as an athlete translated oddly into crouch-moving faster. As the most athletic rogue and a rogue that would benefit greatly from better capabilities breaching to a point, we hope this change will allow her to use her athletic prowess to beat her opponents to points and synergize with her shield ability to give her the ability to juke lethal gadgets and close gaps more effectively.
  • Rare Blaster ➡️ Rare Armor

    • While Legendary Bulletproof helps her sustain damage later in the game, this will give her a chance to bulk up a bit earlier and be able to affect the game earlier on without getting shredded during her initial breaches.

Sigrid has been struggling with being a viable rogue and sits at the bottom of our rogue pool in terms of win-rate. She’s challenged when she attempts to close gaps versus lethal gadget-wielding foes and as a breacher, there’s a deep conflict there compared to Rogues who have kits that help them in those scenarios.


  • Stage Presence: 30s ➡️ 20s Cooldown
  • Gadgeteer Perk ➡️ Energized Perk

ViVi’s ability is strong when initially popped but rapidly fades. The shorter cooldown capabilities we’ve added here are directed at letting her experience the initial power spike of her ability more often and reduce the time between those spikes.



  • Rate of Fire: 600 ➡️ 670rpm

We previously reduced the fire rate from 750 → 600rpm, this partial revert should help it be in a more competitive state.


  • Base Accuracy: 0.7 ➡️ 0.9

The Tyr falls short in almost all metrics when compared to the LR15 Fullbody. By changing its hipfire accuracy to allow for close range & some mid range flexibility, it should have more utility than its counterpart to compete effectively during close and mid range combat. Under 15 meters, players should expect to be able to land hipfire shots, and above 15 meters it should be rare to hit one.


  • Headshot damage: 80 ➡️ 86
  • Bodyshot damage: 47 ➡️ 49

The Devotion struggles compared to peers in the DMR category. This is a first attempt at bringing up its viability. We will be monitoring the effects of this change and looking to continue to buff it if it remains a less viable option.

S12 Tactical

  • Initial Falloff Range (8m-15m): (0.7 * base damage) ➡️ (0.8 * base damage)

This weapon can’t hit as hard or fire as fast as some peers, so to help give it a relative strength we are buffing its mid-range damage.


  • Initial Falloff Range: Distance changed from (8m-17m) ➡️ (12m-17m)
  • Initial Falloff Range: (0.9 * base damage) ➡️ (0.75 * base damage)

The Knight feels good right now and we don’t want to change that, but we observe that it’s close and mid-range TTK beats every assault rifle in the game; defeating the purpose of assault rifles. We want it to still be a strong relative choice. It’s TTK will be unaffected from 0-12m, but in the 12-17m range it will hit as hard as the assault rifle class instead of stronger than that class.


  • Fire Rate: 300rpm ➡️ 273rpm

The Hydra is by far the dominant assault rifle in the game and this change should bring it more in line with its peers.

Fixed Issues

  • Updated our anti-cheat engine
  • Added some fixes that have reduced the frequency of player names not loading.
  • Fixed issue with ViVi skin using Trench voicelines.
  • Fixed issue with Scorch’s passive not applying Fire damage for contracts.
  • Fixed issue with Ronin’s knife not counting for daily contract. Temporarily, all Ballistic Knife damage will count towards these contracts.
  • ViVi’s overheal does not qualify as heals for her daily contract, players healed by her ability must be at less than full HP to count towards the contract. From player feedback on the difficulty of this contract, we have lowered required heals from 50/75/100 → 20/30/40.

Known Issues

We are aware of an issue where players names appear as blank when loading into some matches.

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