Rogue Company is available on multiple platforms and in the case of PC multiple game launchers. To allow you to take your game progress from one platform (or launcher) to the other, First Watch Games has added a linking system that ties each potential account to whichever account you set as your primary account. 

  1. Go to the Rogue Company Linking Page
  2. Log in to an account listed on the page.(preferably the account you would like to keep/make primary)

3. Log into each account you would like to associate your in game progress with

4. Verify (or set) the account you would like to keep your progress from is set as your primary account.


For example, If you have been playing this game on the Epic Game Launcher and you would like to start playing on your brand new Xbox Series X, you would want to Sign into Epic Launcher and you would sign into Xbox and set Epic Launcher as your primary account.

Another example would be if you have been playing on your Nintendo Switch and finally got your hands on one of those sweet Playstation 5 consoles. You would want to sign into your Nintendo account and set it as your primary account and then sign into the PlayStation network to link your progress from your Nintendo Switch

Synchronization is not always an immediate response. It may take up to an hour for these changes to be visible in the respective console/launcher.

If after an hour you have not seen any change I would recommend either submitting a ticket to Hi Rez or join the Rogue Company Discord server and ask for assistance in the #help-one-another.