There are multiple ways to play Rogue Company. Currently there are 3 game modes for unranked versus play, 2 modes for ranked play and 4 modes for practice/training. A Limited Time Mode (LTM) is generally added throughout the season at Hi Rez’s discretion.

Standard Unranked Modes

Standard Ranked Modes

Training/Practice Modes

Custom Lobby

A custom lobby can be created to allow players to specify certain aspects of the game. In custom lobbies, the lobby creator can decide which game mode is played as well as what map the game mode is played on. Custom lobbies allow for teams to be between 1-4 players on each side and do not require balance between teams. Custom lobbies also allow up to 2 spectators for a total of 10 players capable of being involved in each game.

Play Rogue Company
Play Rogue Company