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Vivi, a rock star with exceptional talent and widespread fame in the music industry, bought her way into Rogue Company by providing them with valuable intel on a Jackal infiltrator. Her proactive, impulsive, and adrenaline-fueled personality is infectious and inspires her Rogue Company teammates to push beyond their limits and achieve victory.



Support: Provides Combat assistance to their teammates

Primary Weapon

Dual Boyars
Dual Boyars
Riptide Icon


Regeneration Field
EMP Grenade Icon
EMP Grenade

Secondary Weapon

LW6 Revolver Icon
LW6 Revolver

Melee Weapon

Baseball Bat Icon
Baseball Bat

Active Ability

Stage Presence

Stage Presence

Stage Presence is an area-of-effect buff for teammates within 20 meters of ViVi.
The effects of the ability are as follows:
Stage Presence heals and/or overheals affected allies (depending on their current health) for 30hp.

Passive Ability

Smooth Moves

Smooth Moves

Smooth Moves is a modifier to her dodge roll. While sprinting, ViVi can activate dodge roll to enter a power slide that allows her to hip fire while sliding.



Increase your movement speed by 10% when shot at


Gain the ability to reload while sprinting

Tracker Rounds

Damaging an enemy with a firearm reveals them to your team for 2 seconds


Reduces movement speed penalty while aiming by 50%


Revive teammates 30% faster and start their health regeneration immediately

Helping Hand

Increase the speed you revive teammates by 30%

Nimble Hands

Increase reload and weapon swap speed by 40%



Your ability recharges 25% faster

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