Revelation Hotfix Notes

Hello Rogues!

We have deployed a hotfix to make the following changes:


Bug Fixes

  • Daily contracts that require purchases from your Rogue’s in-game shop have been fixed
  • Strikeout rounds should no longer be ending without a proper overtime phase
  • Custom games should be able to once again launch with a spectator in the lobby
  • Players can no longer undo purchases from previous rounds
  • Several rogues mastery skin texture have been fixed
  • Suppressed Audio bug should be fixed in all maps



  • Changed respawn time from 8 to 10 seconds
  • Removed tickets from the game mode
  • Changed overtime to be the next team to plant
  • Changed respawn time in overtime to be 15 seconds


  • Thermal Vision cooldown reduced to 45 seconds.
  • Legendary Gunsmith has been replaced with Legendary Energized
  • Epic Energized has been replaced with Epic Gunsmith
  • With the Tyr no longer able to get 3 bullets from the gunsmith perk, it no longer felt appropriate to have gunsmith as one of Fixer’s legendary options. The loss of that third bullet is a substantial loss in power for that playstyle. We have replaced it with legendary Energizer to help keep Thermal Vision’s cooldown close to Cluster Smoke’s, since they are best used together.


  • Ballistic Shield Cooldown increased to 45 seconds(was 35 seconds)
  • When played well Sigrid can be a difficult character to counter, and with the reduced availability of gadgets, that is made even more true. We’re increasing the length of her shields cooldown to compensate.



  • The magazine size increase portion of this perk will now round down to the closest


    • With this change Gunsmith, even at the legendary tier, does not provide a large enough increase to give the Arbitrator or the Tyr 3 bullets in their magazine. For example, On Scorch,Gunsmith 1 provides a 20% clip size increase to the Arbitrator, for a total up 2.2 shots per magazine. We have to round this number up or down since you cant fire .2 of a bullet. Upon release of gunsmith we wanted the perk to do something for every gun, which is why we chose to round up, notably giving the Arbitrator and Tyr 3 bullets per mag instead of 2.

Bounce Back

  • Price increased
    • Rare:Unchanged
    • Epic: $7500 → $9000
    • Legendary: $10000 → $13000
  • Higher tiers of Bounce Back are providing a bit too much bang for their buck, we’re
    increasing the prices of the epic and legendary versions of this perk.


  • Price decrease $15000 →$12000
    • After the introduction of the gadget cooldown system, this perk provides significantly less
      uses of gadgets than it used to, so we have dropped the price to make it more desirable


We’ve made some sweeping price changes to gadget upgrades, decreasing their costs to in
most cases mirror the base cost of the gadget. Now that gadget availability has been reduced
through the cooldown system and removal of certain perks, the price hike on upgrades is no
longer necessary.

Lethal Gadgets: Semtex Grenade, Bounce Grenade, Frag Grenade, C4, Incendiary Grenade,

Impact Grenade, Trip Mine

  • Level 1 Upgrade Price reduced $6500>$5000
  • Level 2 Upgrade Price reduced $6500>$5000

Utility Gadgets: Flashbang, Smoke Grenade, Cluster Smoke, Adrenaline Shot, APS, Reflector,

Pop Smoke
Base Cost, Level 1 Upgrade, Level 2 Upgrade reduced to $4000

Utility Gadgets: Sticky Sensor, Tear Gas, EMP
Base Cost, Level 1 Upgrade, Level 2 Upgrade reduced to $300

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