Three Wishes (3.2) Patch Notes

The genie is out of the bottle in this Three Wishes Update and it brings you wonderous things; maybe a few things that you’ve wished for? Read on to learn about this update’s Event Pass, a new Ranked Season, new map drop and more!

Three Wishes Event Pass

3 Wishes event pass

Wondrous goods are found in this update’s 35 level event pass! Contained within are wonderful cosmetics, starting off with the often-wished-for Cyber Neko Phantom and ending with Cosmic Power Saint!

Event Pass Base Bundle (700 Rogue Bucks)

  • Cyber Neko Phantom Legendary Outfit
  • Lava Lamp Epic Rocket Pack
  • 1 Hour Account Boost
  • 20% Event Pass Experience Boost

Event Pass Elite Bundle (3000 Rogue Bucks)

  • +30 Event Pass Levels
  • Cyber Neko Phantom Legendary Outfit
  • Lava Lamp Epic Rocket Pack
  • 1 Hour Account Boost
  • 20% Event Pass Experience Boost

Event Pass Rewards

  • General Rewards
    • 1000 Reputation
    • 700 Rogue Bucks
    • 2x 1 Hour Account Boost
    • 1x 45 Minute Account Boost
  • Cosmetics
    • Cyber Neko Phantom Legendary Outfit
    • Lava Lamp Epic Rocket Pack
    • Rouge Company Rare Spray
    • Carbon Mech Epic Wrap for Primary
    • Dragon Scales Rare Border
    • Critical Error Epic Melee and Secondary Wraps
    • Chibi Dima Rare Spray
    • Celebrity Streamer Epic Title
    • Fancy Feet Rare Emote
    • Victory Display Rare Emote
    • Bleak Chic Commando Ronin Rare Outfit
    • Sparkler Celebration Legendary Banner
    • Rogue Pug Rare avatar
    • Adventure Seeker Legendary Title
    • Cosmic Power Saint Legendary Outfit
    • Genie in a Bottle Legendary Title
    • 4x Reward Supply Drops
    • 4x Event Pass Supply Drops

Year 3 Season 1 Ranked Season

3 wishes ranked rewards

It is the first season of the year and we are opening with some changes, features and great rewards! This Season will run until the end of 3.4. Read on to see what we’ve done for ranked to see why.

Ranked Access Requirements Updated

In previous updates, players only had to reach level 10 and have access to at least 10 Rogues in order to play.  This was noticeably too low of a requirement and created situations where players who weren’t quite ready for the skill-gap when jumping in that early. Therefore, we are enacting the following changes:

  • Ranked now requires Account Level 25 and ownership of 12 Rogues to play

This asks for players to put in a bit more time learning the rule sets, mechanics of the games and the nuances of our Rogues/Weapons before diving into competitive.

Draft Pick Bans Increased

Additionally, in a match we are updating the number of bans available to each team up to 2 Rogues. This results in a total of four Rogues to be banned out of a match. That is an entire team composition! It’ll be exciting to see how players will plan around this change to Draft Pick.

Year 3 Season 1 Ranked Rewards

This Season we continue the trend of offering better tier rewards for our most devoted and high-skilled players that grind and compete in Ranked! The following Ranked Rewards are what you can gain by competing and being the best.

  • Get Ranked Contract Reward: Demonic Gaze Epic Avatar
  • Gone Rogue Contract Reward: Shiny and Chrome Cannon Outfit
  • NEW! Top 1000 Rogue Ranked Players: Rainbow Dust Dima Legendary Outfit
  • NEW! Top 500 Rogue Ranked Players: Brimstone Sahara Mythic Weapon Skin
  • NEW! Top 100 Rogue Ranked Players: Rogue Demon Mythic Title

What this? Top Rogue Ranked Players? How are players supposed to know that? Well….

Rogue Company Ranked Leaderboard

3 wishes leaderboard

In the first step of rolling out version one of a feature that was most requested by our players, we are introducing the Ranked Leaderboards. In this first version, players will be able to view the leaderboard on our official website either by directly visiting in their browser or clicking a link/QR code found in game. This leaderboard sorts by your Rogue Points that you continue to accrue as you play ranked games after reaching Rogue Rank. This leaderboard will reset at the end of the season after we reward the top players with their exclusive ranked rewards for being the top 1000/500/100 players. We are excited to watch this leaderboard closely throughout the season to see who truly are the top players in our community!

Player Level Uncapped and Progression Rewards

3 wishes progression rewards

This update also comes with yet another request frequently made by players which is raising the player level cap:

  • Max Player Level Increased from 550 → 1000
    We will increase the level cap again at a future date with more rewards!

This comes with a flattening of XP from players that are already 550 and are sitting on considerable XP to avoid potential issues with our reward systems. Don’t worry, you’ll still be 550 and said players will also be rewarded with the exclusive “Uncapped” title to denote their investment of being incredibly dedicated players who enjoy Rogue Company. Players will be able to continue earning reputation rewards per level beyond 550 as well. Additionally, we have added Milestone Rewards to further reward players for achieving these major levels from enjoying our game. Get out there and level up!

New Map: Highcastle Omega

3 wishes omega map

In this Update we are introducing a new version of Highcastle called Highcastle Omega! This map boasts not only an amazing visual update but also new combat spaces and routes. You’ll find this map in the following Queues:

“But First Watch, what about Old Highcastle?!” Worry not! We felt that the gameplay differences between the two maps are significant enough to warrant them both being in the map pool! We look forward to playing this new map with you all and excited to hear what you think!

Balance Changes


In this update, players will see the return of a gameplay role: Intel. This role specializes helping their team to gain information on enemy positions to turn engagements in their favor. They sit in the middle of the spectrum between support and duelist, gathering intel while also being able to hold their own as they put themselves at risk for their team. We’ve done this as it opens up a creative avenue for how we approach a collective of rogues that have similar toolsets and opens the door for new intel ideas for the future! You’ll see a good number of rogues that used to have this role step back into it and some of the newer rogues assume it as well. Some of these Rogues require little-to-no changes as they’re already well-equipped for the task.

Intel Rogues



  • Hack
    • Hack Activation Time Reduced From2s -> 1.5s
    • Hack Duration Increased From 5s -> 6s


  • Gatling Gun
    • Move speed reduction removed
    • Headshot damage increased from 16 -> 18



Weapons & Gadgets


LMGs are getting an identity adjustment, these weapons are heavy and powerful weapons that take considerable effort and technique to wield. For their identity we are exploring the idea of all LMGs possessing the accuracy behavior that the Conviction has paved the way for and will balance LMGs, both current and future, in this unique accuracy type. Additionally, we are considering that the huge firepower of this weapons also come at a slight mobility cost when compared to their smaller caliber/capacity siblings. Let us know what you think!

  • MLX Maw
    The Maw is currently overperforming and will receive additional adjustments overtime to bring it down to manageable levels. Between the Identity adjustment and the removal of an upgrade piece, we’ll observe and make adjustments as data comes in.
    • Base Weapon Headshot reduced from 24 -> 22
    • Removed ADS Movespeed upgrade from Rare/Epic/Legendary
    • -5% Movement Speed Reduction added
    • Accuracy/Bloom Behavior changed to fit LMG Identity
  • Conviction
    • -5% Movement Speed Reduction added


  • Objection
    • Lv1 Upgrade Now Increases Magazine Size to 40
  • D40c
    • Fixed the Lvl2 Upgrade’s reload speed


  • EMP
    • Damage to deployables increased from 300 -> 600


Game Modes

  • Demolition
    We intend on cleaning up the interaction rules around the bomb as we know the current set has some exploitative use-cases. This initial change will put us one step closer.
    • Interaction distance to defuse the bomb has been reduced from 2.8m -> 1m
  • KOTH is back on the menu for Custom Games!

Known Issue

  • In the Shooting Range Dallas Riptide will be with the HRM30k.This is a reflection of an upcoming balance change.
  • MLX Maw Rare upgrade description says increases movement speed while aiming when this bonus no longer applies.
  • Objection Level 1 Upgrade Increases Magazine Size to 40 but will not be reflected in the tooltip

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed Talon’s Communication options of “Understood” and “Help” to be in the same place as other Rogues.
  • Fixed a small freeze that would occur when Juke used an emote with a prop
  • The Legendary Lifeline Revive Speed tooltip should now indicate 50% instead of 40%
  • The Rare Lifeline Perk Revive Speed toolship should now indicate 20% instead of 15%
  • Fixed areas on multiple maps where Juke could get into unintended areas
  • Fixed an issue where C4 could persist an entire match if thrown and not used before being eliminated
  • Fixed an area in Favelas where players could go out of bounds and access unintended areas
  • Dahlia’s Link to Trench will no longer result in too many gadgets being added
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck crouching behind a trashcan in the District map.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in crouch walking near a railing in the Skyfell map.
  • Players should no longer receive an Out of Bounds message on Meltdown when they are in a valid map area.
  • Fixed issues on Hollows where Vy’s Poison would not activate in certain areas.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t mantle over a crate due to collision with a tarp on Hollows.
  • Fixed an issue in Skyfell where players could not retrieve melee weapons near the Bomb site B wall.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to retrieve a thrown bomb near crates on Wanted
  • Fixed a camera looping issue on the Wanted map when a player mantled over the stool
  • Fixed an area on Favelas where there was unintended collision on a street lamp.
  • Fixed a camera clipping issue through shutters in Favelas
  • Fixed a camera clipping issue near the mid tower in Lockdown
  • Fixed an invisible collision issue near the mid tower in Lockdown


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